Access management simplified with new app

Local biometrics solutions provider Ideco has launched an app in cooperation with its Electronic Visitor Identity Management (EVIM) solution that now makes visitor access management quick and easy.

fb-cover-pageEVIM is a mobile data capture and fingerprint scanning device that reinforces security with a digital visitor register. Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor book, this ingenious device captures, registers and verifies all data in real time with the National Centre of Certified Identities (NCCI).

Ideco managing director Marius Coetzee says this new EVIM app gives a whole new meaning to keeping a competent visitor register. “This is a fantastic opportunity for gated communities and organisations to implement visitor management within their existing access control systems. At the same time, security at access points can now provide truly effective access control.”

A growing number of business parks and residential estates are deploying Ideco’s EVIM solution to improve access security and enhance the overall effectiveness of existing services. Not only does EVIM enhance the visitor handling process, it also minimises the risk for criminal behaviour associated with identity fraud and provides improved accountability.

“With the same login details as the EVIM portal, authorised residents can now login into the Android app and create appointments from their telephone contact list. Once they have selected the contact, date and time for the meeting or visit, the app will create the appointment in their calendar. The EVIM app also provides a function to update your profile details and change your password,” concludes Coetzee.

The EVIM app is available free on Android Play Store or visit

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Ideco’s world-class biometric repair centre celebrates a decade of excellence

Celebrating a decade of excellence, the South African biometric solutions provider Ideco is offering its partners and customers free support through its world-class repair and support centre. Ideco is the primary support, repair and maintenance agent for Safran Morpho in sub-Sahara Africa and the only certified component level repair house.

Saring a common goal with Morpho, the world’s leading supplier of biometric identification and security solutions, Ideco aims to shape the future by introducing innovative biometric technologies to the African market.

Ideco managing director Marius Coetzee says this can only be achieved with a service model that is based on care. “We have more than 10 years of experience of intricate repairs which has enabled us to save our clients more than R2-million per annum. We go beyond board replacements to guarantee our customers the lowest total cost of ownership. More importantly, we offer free support to all our partners and customers. That’s the difference!”

Coetzee says Ideco’s Repair Center offers a Fast Track option to ensure mission critical equipment is given high priority. “Be sure to ask for the fast track option when booking in any urgent repair.”

A two hour warranty swap-out or repair is available for all products sold through Ideco’s official distribution channel and are covered under the standard or extended warranty options. Ideco keeps sufficient spares stock on hand to ensure repairs can be completed as quickly as possible.

“As an added level of convenience, customers have access to an easy online tracking options through our webportal that allows them to track a repairs progress online. Automated reminders are also sent after three months to ensure devices are not forgotten,” he explains.

Ideco’s Repair Centre offers an efficient and highly reliable service, its Final Repair Quality Check (FRQC) sticker confirms that the devices have passed a full diagnostic during which all the units, inputs, outputs and relevant functions have been tested.

Coetzee says thorough pre-testing and quality assurance is done to ensure that there are no faulty readers shipped and installed at end-user sites. “All units are cleaned and scanner calibration checked as part of our standard assessment process, and is done at no additional cost.”

“Our repair centre still offers repairs on discontinued Morpho access devices and our repair centre has sufficient spares for all devices. For peace of mind, make sure you deal with one of our certified partners when selecting a biometric solution,” he concludes.

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Ideco joins the Fujitsu World Tour

Human Centric Innovation in Action

Ideco Biometric Security Solutions will be presenting “Biometrics: Creating certainty through identity’ at the Fujitsu World Tour, one of the largest world-wide ICT roadshows. More than 10 000 ICT experts from across the globe will be attending the different events.

The Fujitsu World Tour allows innovation partners like Ideco to demonstrate how advanced technologies and solutions can drive business growth and shape success. The event will showcase a fascinating variety of ICT topics in collaboration with its expert partners.

The keynotes of the WHeader_Web_World_Tour_980x300_ZA_tcm30-1405351orld Tour 2015 focus on strategic perspectives: What will be the direction of Human Centric Innovation? Which developments will be on the CIO agenda? What strategic factors should be considered by decision-makers? Fujitsu’s top managers and high-ranking executives from strategic partners like Ideco will address these questions in terms of ICT and business value.

Marius Coetzee, CEO of Ideco, will be presenting ‘Biometrics: Creating certainty through identity’. Over the past ten years, Ideco has assisted hundreds of organisations to improve their business processes, and in turn mitigate their risk and increase their profitability. As a pioneer of biometrics in South Africa, Ideco aims to help customers effectively apply technology and in turn create ‘trust in identities’.

Today’s hyper-connected world is dramatically changing the way we live and work. Technology is embedded in every aspect of business and society, and everything is networked, resulting in huge quantities of data. Fujitsu aims to empower people with the intelligence and information to steer this transformation using the help of technology.

The Fujitsu World Tour will be held at The Forum (The Campus) on September 9, 2015. For more information contact Ideco on 086 104 3326 (IDECO) or visit

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Ideco’s offer of POPI-compliant visitor management system

Ideco Biometrics recently launched its Electronic Visitor Identity Management (EVIM) solution based on a mobile data terminal with an integrated fingerprint scanner. It is the only offering of its kind that is fully compliant with the country’s newly promulgated Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. Businesses that have been forced to stop the use of non-compliant, outdated visitor management and access control systems can now invest in a viable, credible and trusted solution.


EVIM is designed to automate visitor registration and reinforce accuracy across all ID based transactions to help combat escalating incidents of identity theft emanating from exposed visitor information in the traditional logbook.


The offering marries the advantages of a digital visitor register system with security in the cloud and integrated fingerprint biometrics, reflecting a strong move in the industry towards the convergence of mobile applications and cloud services, with advanced visitor management systems.


Marius Coetzee, Managing Director at Ideco, explains that there are several issues with traditional visitor books or registers that render these systems non-compliant with POPI – or unable to provide full protection of personal information stored in physical documents.


“POPI has been signed into law to enforce the right to privacy of personal information of South Africans and ensure that the country is aligned to global data protection laws. Issues such as illegible information and inaccurate records impact on the successful application of traditional systems in line with the objectives outlined by POPI,” says Coetzee.


Leadership at Ideco refers to the preamble of the POPI legislation and emphasise the excerpt which states that “the right to privacy includes a right to the protection against the unlawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of personal information;”


“This relates very much to the ‘processing’ of personal information. POPI seeks to ensure that only information that is needed for a specific purpose is collected, that reasonable steps are taken to secure this information, that it is relevant and accurate, to only retain as much as is required and only for as long as it is required. If we review access control systems and the collection and storage of personal information, then we begin to see why certain systems work and others do not,” Coetzee adds.


Why EVIM works


EVIM is based on biometric visitor management technology which provides accurate record keeping in line with legislation, including POPI and the OHS Act. The latter makes it law to accurately record visitor details.


The EVIM solution captures names & surnames, as well as vehicle registration details accurately, every entry and exit is date and time stamped, guards or other visitors do not have visibility of the data, all visitor data is securely stored for future reference and it complies with all regulatory and privacy requirements.


“We continue to stress that unlike the old visitors book, an EVM report has valid visitor information,” Coetzee continues.


The system facilitates barcode scanning for accurate data input of driver details, laptop serial numbers or delivery notes and can perform online ID checks in under 12 seconds. It is also configurable to capture multiple data fields and records all transactions on secure cloud servers.


Only authorised users can access EVIM’s online visitors logs and all data can be sorted, filtered or grouped. In addition to the automated daily visitor reports the export function provides a CSV file to import data to any other business system.


John Lewis, Security Manger at Willows Estate, said, “The EVIM system is reliable. It verifies data in real time and provides a great barrier to unwanted visitors. Ideco’s EVIM met all our requirements and enabled us to fully comply with all regulations.”

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Ideco’s EVIM takes visitor management to new heights

Ideco South Africa, the market leader in identity control, workforce management and access control based on biometric solutions, has launched EVIM (Electronic Visitor Identity Management) to the domestic market.


EVIM is an advanced mobile data terminal with an integrated fingerprint scanner used to replace the traditional visitors book.


The offering has been introduced to meet a growing need for solutions that are designed to address escalating incidents of data fraud and identity theft. Visitors are notoriously nervous to provide accurate information when completing the visitors book and would either write completely illegible or provide incorrect information.


EVIM marries the advantages of a digital visitor register system with security in the cloud and integrated fingerprint biometrics.


Marius Coetzee, MD at Ideco, says there is a marked increase in demand for comprehensive identification solutions in visitor management systems, to strengthen security control practices in what is regarded the biggest loophole in access control.


The market is aware of the relevance of a visitor register in terms of the OHS Act, but also realise there is no value in the current paper-based process used at almost every entrance.


EVIM incorporates a number of key features that combine the accuracy of biometric ID-based transactions with the security of digital cloud-based processing, providing full protection of personal information in terms of the POPI Act.


The system facilitates barcode scanning for accurate data input and can perform online ID checks in under 12 seconds. It is also configurable to capture multiple data fields and records all transactions on secure cloud servers.


Only authorised users can access EVIM’s online visitors logs and all data can be sorted, filtered or grouped. In addition to the automated daily visitor reports the export function provides a CSV file to import data to any other business system.


Coetzee highlights the system’s ability to streamline and secure visitor management processes as one of its key strengths.


“Business processes can be automated based on the information captured. Users can create custom fields to capture additional details specific to your organisation, and business rules will then process specific events according to your requirements,” he adds.


For more information, click through to

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Biometric protection… the future of personal identification and security

By Marius Coetzee, MD at Ideco Biometrics


Biometric identification systems or those based on fingerprint / face / iris / voice recognition have gained popularity in commerce and more companies are integrating these systems as part of their risk management strategies. A market that was once dominated by fingerprint identification is now making way for the increased uptake of iris / face identification and voice recognition, claim experts in the field… evidence they say of the growing relevance of biometric solutions to combat security threats.


“Escalating threats of international terrorism, the increasing number of incidents involving corporate espionage and evolving global cyber crime, particularly identity fraud, is fuelling the demand for- and investment in these systems,” says Marius Coetzee, MD at Ideco Biometrics.


“Identity fraud costs businesses and organisations millions and because of the immediate, accessible and pervasive nature of digital connectivity, anyone at any time can be a target; making law enforcement a challenge,” says Coetzee.


Ideco is Africa’s leader in identity control, workforce management and access control based on biometric solutions. The Company endorses its message of ‘certainty through identity’ by supplying niche and specialised products that are designed to protect users and safeguard assets.


The Company is an acknowledged industry resource centre and operates a national referencing database of identities (juristic & natural persons).


According to Ideco, South Africa’s early adoption of biometrics has evolved into a national registry at Home Affairs that enables accurate identity management from birth to death. The South African Police Services also actively use fingerprint identification in their criminal record centre.


Coetzee underlines the importance of supplying to the market reliable biometric solutions that would not only provide measurable business benefit, but would stand the test of a Court of Law, should the organisation become a victim of identity fraud.


“If we look at fingerprint identification technology a bit closer, there are a number of dynamics that come into play. For example, in a court of law, minutia points or those points which make a fingerprint entirely unique, must correlate with at least eight of these points on the actual fingerprint to confirm a successful match and be admissible as evidence,” he says.


Minutia points are the positions where the raised ridges on a fingerprint either split or end. On average, a single fingerprint has between eighty and one hundred of these minutia points. Advanced biometric readers are able to consistently and accurately recognise these points and assign a reference point to them.  


“However, if the device doesn’t accurately read these points, or includes irrelevant information such as sub-dermal flesh structures, then the information is based on both true and false minutia which can lead to a number of inaccuracies and risks,” says Coetzee.


These issues can also lead to false acceptance or when a person gets identified when he/ she should not be identified and false rejection or when a person gets rejected (not identified) when they should be identified.


“The use of technology systems that offer the highest accuracy makes all the difference,” Coetzee adds.


“Key features for consideration include the ability to accurately read damaged fingerprints and do so in extreme conditions, whether or not the biometric solution can grow and adapt to the changing requirements of the business and compliance with technical and regulatory requirement. All these aspects are important and must be taken into consideration,” he concludes.

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Smiles, nutrition and cost saving on the tuckshop menu thanks to Biometrics

Ideco has partnered with education software provider, EduAdmin and access control manufacturer, Controlsoft, in the rollout of infrastructure to make life easier for learners.

In September this year Ideco formed part of a Project to implement an advanced biometric identification systems at a school in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. The academic institution, which accommodates 1200 students, required a system to help regulate and manage its tuck-shop facility – particularly at PoS (Point of Sale).

To date everything was conducted manually, including the high volume of tuck-shop sales. A credible, easily-managed but effective identification system was required to address operational issues including long queues, human error, incomplete or inaccurate sales and the risk of cash on site.

In addition to the integration of EduAdmin Biometric Cashless Vending Solution Software, the School also implemented and linked Morpho biometric fingerprint readers. This means that each student is identified by their fingerprint and can thereby automatically open a tuck-shop account with their available balance. Any new items required can be quickly scanned and included on the account.

Marius Coetzee, Managing Director at Ideco, says the EduAdmin Project this is a good example of how biometric security and identification systems are adding value in retail.

“Retail is certainly a high growth market and there are many examples in which the application of biometric solutions effectively addresses operational challenges, both in terms of daily practice and those perpetuated by technology,” says Coetzee.

Biometric infrastructure is gaining popularity across various industries he continues. “It is easily integrated, robust, accurate and secure, which adds to its appeal in environments that are not necessarily technology-focused or technology centric. It is also flexible, which means it can integrate with existing systems without any complex customisation or additional skill sets required.”

As the leader in identification technology, Ideco is focused on educating the market about the value of credible, recognised solutions (that prescribe to domestic and international standards) and the reality of the risk associated with product that does not comply with industry regulations and standards.

The Company describes identity fraud as part of daily life and suggests that there is no value in deploying technology that will not contribute to a potential forensic investigation.

The truth is that only one modal (fingerprint) is regarded as mature and available for commercial deployment, and there are only a selected few brands that are tested, proven and chosen for the South African conditions Coetzee adds.

For staff and pupils at the Durban high school, the integration of Morpho biometric fingerprint technology adds substantial value.

The new system will enable a far more efficient tuck shop operation and is expected to lead to more revenue for the retail outlet and the school.

For the individual learner, the system offers a significant amount of value because there is no longer any reason to carry money and therefore no risk of monies being stolen or lost.

Ultimately there is significantly more control achieved. Parents can receive online reports on purchases their child made and also has the ability to block certain items they would not like purchased.

Heidi Bentley, Executive Director, EduAdmin, said that the partnership between Controlsoft and Ideco share a passion for technology that makes a significant difference to operations.

“The integration of Ideco’s biometric scanners, Controlsoft’s access control infrastructure and EduAdmin systems adds enormous value to the general day-to-day operations. It is a powerful example of what can be achieved when expertise are applied with the right technology,” says Bentley.

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